The Indian Fields Farriers

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Darren Owen, Owner & Lead Farrier

An AFA Certified Farrier and AAPF Accredited Professional Farrier with over twenty years of experience, Indian Fields’ Owner and Lead Farrier Darren Owen has spent his career understanding how to build a strong, healthy, and athletic horse from the toe up. A 1996 graduate of Kentucky Horseshoeing School, Darren was his class’s top student under the tutelage of industry legend Mitch Taylor, and subsequently received many offers for prestigious apprenticeships. He returned to his hometown of Hampton Roads to begin Indian Fields in 1997. Darren quickly earned a reputation for being the top choice farrier among leading veterinarians, and is a regional expert on therapeutic farrier work and equine nutrition. He was recently named to the Board of Directors of the American Association of Professional Farriers, serving a term from 2017-2020.

Darren is a popular and frequent speaker at national equine events. Recently, he spoke as the keynote address, the Burney Chapman Memorial Lecture, at the tenth annual American Farrier’s Journal International Hoofcare Summit.



Jay Riddick, Farrier

A Suffolk native, Jay joined the IFFS team in 2014 as an apprentice, and completed Kentucky Horseshoeing’s School’s most advanced farrier training program in 2017. At KHS, he graduated at the top of his class, garnering a “trifecta” of honors – Best Shod Foot, Outstanding Academic Achievement, and High Point Proficiency. Since he has re-joined IFFS as a farrier, Jay received his AFA Certified Farrier credential in December 2018. In keeping with the IFFS focus on innovation and education, Jay can regularly be seen at national continuing education sessions and farrier competitions, including the International Hoofcare Summit. His emphasis on understanding anatomy, gaining knowledge, and pursuing innovation comes from a deep love of horses, who he believes deserve the very best that he can give them in hoofcare.

Jay is an AAPF Accredited Farrier and a member of the AFA.

The Rest of the Indian Fields Team

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